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Martini Spa & Lounge

Martini Spa & Lounge is a collaboration created by Darryl Martins, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and his wife Annie a BSN, Register Nurse. Dr. Martins has been practicing in Michigan since 2010 and over the years has notice many patient coming to see him after a "bad pedicure". So required antibiotics but other times require invasive treatment in diabetics or PAD that require amputation. After seeing a pattern Dr. Martins attempted to figure out a healthier but exciting alternative to the quite spa setting to reduce infections and amputations. In the winter of 2019 Martini Spa & Lounge was born.
The goal is to bring a cleaner, healthier service with the addition of medical experience and their protocols. With the addition of seasonal, Martini's, wines, beers and dessert beverages its creates the perfect social environment not the uptight and quite spa 

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