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Martini Spa & Lounge

Franchising Options

We are versatile with our franchising model to offer Martini in 3 distinct business opportunities 

What we offer to all Franchises

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Experienced and Knowledge in the Industry

From day 1 we will be there each for all aspects of the business. Being in the medical space for over 15 years and spa space for 4 years we will have learned vital aspects of the business saving you thousands of dollars. From layout plan examples, equipment negotiation, medical supplies and tools we are there every step of the way.


Training and Education Hub for ALL Staff

As a training center for aspiring nail technicians we offer real life hands on training in both the spa and medical setting with licensed cosmetologists, experience nail techs and doctors of podiatrist medicine. We also train bar/lounge staff on mixology and creative cocktails.


Human Resource Department Assistance

We understand staffing and keeping up with HR regulations is time consuming and difficult for most self employed/ entrepreneurs. That is why we offer all franchises the tools, resources and consultation with our HR department  free of charge to help you build the a successful team


Our Story

Founded in Michigan in 2019, Martini Spa & Lounge is the ideal hang out for women. We offer a unique business model combining salon services with the best cocktail menu around. We are now franchising our amazing opportunity where our owners and their team can have fun at work putting smiles on people’s faces.

At Martini Spa & Lounge, guests can relax while enjoying a wide variety of spa services and amazing martinis, cocktails, wines or beer in a social and fun environment.

​Martini is multiple business in one space

  • Salon​

  • Spa

  • Bar / Lounge

  • Restaurant 

  • Café

  • Night hotspot

  • Venue

Why Own a Martini Spa & Lounge?

  • Combines two growing services in one busines

  • Multiple avenues of revenue and not just services

  • Seasonal signature martinis and recurring services bring regulars in each month

  • Integrate medical infection protocols to all servic

  • Ideal owners: Cosmetologist, massage therapist, licensed nail technician, or esthetician. Anyone thinking of entering that space

  • Ability to train and assist with licensing prospective franchisee 

  • Physician looking for a passive or semi absentee business investment – and referral source opportunity especially for Podiatrists

  • Husband and wife partnership for starting up a family run business

  • Startup with confidence knowing the investment details

  • We are proud to share our performance history (Item 19) in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

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Meet the Founders

Dr. Darryl Martins, Co-Founder and CEO
As a Podiatrist, our co-founder saw an opportunity to combine social gatherings and a spa in a totally new and innovative environment. Having been a part-time bartender in college, he was able to create the initial signature cocktails that were offered to spa guests – completely enhancing the experience someone would have while enjoying a manicure and pedicure. While his days as a “guest bartender” are fewer, he still enjoys taking a break from his medical practice to visit and chat with staff and guests, while also being a resource for new franchise owners who want to follow their path to entrepreneurship.

Annie Martins, Co-Founder and COO
Annie is a registered nurse and licensed nail technician, and a huge inspiration for the launch of Martini’s Spa & Lounge. She created the menu of offerings, designed the space, and trained the first technicians. Annie continues to manage operations in multiple locations in the founding locations and is always excited to help a new owner startup and launch their spa & lounge.

Martini Spa & Lounge

What the Day Looks like at Martini!

Core Values

We believe
•    Maintain a clean and healthy environment
•    Create an easy, relaxing, safe space for women to mingle and socialize 
•    Focus on turning a client into a guest and a loyal fan of the brand
•    Prioritize staff education and training allowing every owner the opportunity to grow through our brand


•    To offer innovative spa services bringing people together to socialize, relax and have fun with a twist


•    Create the opportunity to expand our alternative spa experience with trained and licensed spa professionals and a menu of creative cocktails offered together in a social, relaxing environment 


History & Grow

  • 2019        Launch of the Brand! Opening the first spa & lounge in Jackson, MI

  • 2020-2021    Successfully stayed open during COVID

  • 2021        Educated our first Nail Technician with our certification process setting them up to earn their state license

  • 2022        Started expansion for a 2nd location in Tecumseh, MI 

  • 2023        Location #3 planning & design phase underway for Adrian, MI which will also operate as our training center! 

  • 2023        Started the process to franchise the brand and ownership opportunities became available in December

Initial Expansion Locations

Interested in another state? We will be expanding eventually to all states and Canada but will need interested before doing so.

Fill out the below form to get on the list for future expansion.

FAQs - 

Q. Do I have to be an owner operator? 
   A. No, but we want our owners to be involved - some may run the spa or bartend. Others will hire a general manager to oversee day to day operations while they focus on marketing and business development. We see this as a business model that is flexible for the way you want to run it. As long as you can develop a strong connection to your community and give women in the area a fun, social space to relax and mingle that’s great. LEARN MORE

Q. Can I own more than one spa & lounge? 
   A. Yes. We offer multi-unit franchises with discounts on initial franchise fees. INQUIRE TODAY 

Q. How many employees are needed to operate the business?
   A. Typically between 3 and 4 employees depending day of the week and booked services. LEARN MORE

Q. Who can provide the spa services? 
   A. State licensed professionals must be on site during operating hours. An owner can fill this role, but will require to hire staff to serve more clients, parties and events.  INQUIRE TODAY 

Q. Do you offer food in the lounge?
   A. Yes, we have a menu of light snacks, barbeque on the patio in warmer weather and working with local food trucks help to offer the foods for parties and events booked. LEARN MORE

Q. Many spas can’t charge for alcohol, are we able to collect money for beverages? 
   A. Yes, with a liquor license we are able to charge clients for all alcoholic beverages consumed on premise. This is a revenue source for the business in addition to spa services. INQUIRE TODAY

Q. How long does it take to open?
   A. This can range, from 4 to 6 months and up to 9 or more depending on site selection, liquor licensing, construction build out, pre-opening, and training.

Q. How large of a rental space does the spa & lounge need?
       A.  2,000 to 2,500 square feet. Access to parking, outdoor patio seating and drive by traffic. We have specific site criteria which will help you evaluate real estate that would be a good fit for your Martini Spa & Lounge location. Martini Nail Care requires 100-200 sq ft and Martini Nails & Cocktails require 2000 sq ft

Q. What are the startup costs and what do they include? 
   A. Currently, the range of investment is from $80, 000to $542,668 which includes the $45,000 initial franchise fee. Other estimated costs include 3rd party professional advisory fees, insurance and 3-months of working capital. Am I Financially Qualified?

Q. How much will the business make in a year? 
   A. We will be able to share our Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document which highlights affiliate performance and history. This can be a useful tool to help you evaluate the revenue potential for your Martini Spa & Lounge business. 


Steps to Open- Inquire


Chat with us on a

phone call


Decide if you would like to learn more about Martini Spa & Lounge and what it takes to open – Complete our Confidential Questionnaire to receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)


Visit us to Discover more about ownership - Meet the Team at Martini Spa & Lounge


Final review with our leadership team - qualified candidates will become approved to join Martini Spa & Lounge 


Start the onboarding process

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Inquire to Learn More and
Become a Martini Owner

Preferred Contact
Do you have experience in hospitality (restaurant/bar) or beauty spa management?
Have you ever been to one of our Martini Spa & Lounges?


Thanks for submitting your interest! We will reach out within 24 hrs

Martini Spa & Lounge Franchise, LLC,

100 S Cooper St, Jackson, MI, 49201
Phone: 313-444-4625

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Notice Regarding Franchise Offers and Sales
This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of or want to locate a franchise in one of these states, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state. Franchise offerings are made by Franchise Disclosure Document only.

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