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We All Drink.

We all drink...something, whether it’s water, soda, energy drinks, coffee and/or

alcohol. Having been a bartender for over 10 years, I’ve seen all kinds of drinks

with interesting names along with all kinds of people with interesting

personalities!! A good bartender starts to learn those personalities and the

different cocktails they might like. With THAT, they build a drink menu that hits all

different likes, flavors, taste and originality. I like to think those goals have been

met with the drink menu at Martini Spa & Lounge. As the bartender, I have fun

looking up different drinks and alcohols, figuring out what goes with what and

design a drink that is well liked AND memorable!! Our drinks are ones that are

unique, something you won’t find anywhere else and enjoyable! Stop in soon to

try one of those drinks! It just might become your favorite and Martini Spa &

Lounge a place where “Everybody knows your name!”

The Truth...Do You REALLY Like People?

“ People drive me crazy!” We’ve all most likely said that at least once! I know I

have. It gets that way sometimes when we get cut off in traffic, get behind a slow

car in the fast lane, etc. Then I come to work at Martini Spa and Lounge and my

attitude changes. I LOVE people. There are so many different personalities out

there. I’ve met the one that has some great stories that make me laugh, I’ve met

the one that lost their pet to cancer and just needs to share a picture or two. I’ve

met the one that is getting married and their happiness is infectious. I’ve met

the one who is working 2 jobs and just needs a drink and some spa time. All

these people I’ve met are as unique as the drinks I serve. Mostly, all these people

are why I enjoy coming to work and serving the drinks I do! I hope that, like

these people leave an impression on me, my drinks will leave an impression on

them. I like to think, the time someone spends at the spa and lounge and has a

drink they enjoy, will lead to a “I Like People” kind of day!